Yubeshi is a traditional sweet of Japan.We at Nakauraya are proud of making traditional Yubeshi and maintaining its time-honored methods of production, fragrance and taste.

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About Yubeshi

Today, there are many different types of Yubeshi all over Japan, in many different forms passed down for generations.

The most notable of these is Maru-Yubeshi, a sweet representing the ancient food culture of Wajima, in the Noto Peninsula.





Creating Maru-Yubeshi

The inner contents of fall-harvested yuzu are carefully removed, leaving only the outer peel. This peel is stuffed with seasoned mochi (glutinous rice flour) and steamed in a seiro (steaming basket). Last, in the traditional manner, Maru-Yubeshi is left to dry naturally until it turns a lustrous amber-orange color.

1. From the late fall to early winter harvest, we carefully select large, unblemished yuzu fruit.

2. We remove the inner contents of the yuzu with a bamboo spatula.

3. Only the outer peel of yuzu remains. This is carefully sculpted, making the walls as thin as possible and is used as a container for the mochi filling, like a bowl.

4. We then stuff the yuzu bowl with specially seasoned mochi.

5. The Maru-Yubeshi are then steamed in a seiro and left to dry naturally.

6. It takes about 6 months to completely bring out the yuzu’s amber-orange color.

Today, Maru-Yubeshi is known as Wajima’s local specialty. It was popularized Japan-wide by producers of Wajima lacquerware when they enclosed it with their highly-valued trays and dishes.

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