Yubeshi is a traditional sweet of Japan.We at Nakauraya are proud of making traditional Yubeshi and maintaining its time-honored methods of production, fragrance and taste.

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How to eat Yubeshi

First of all

The best time to eat Maru-Yubeshi is just after it has been made, as it hardens later. However, it softens when heated.

It is best for cooking the day after it was made.
Thus Maru-Yubeshi makes various ways of cooking possible.

At first, the Maru-Yubeshi is too soft, making it difficult to slice.
To solve this problem, wipe your knife with a moistened cloth between slices.
Hard Maru-Yubeshi are cut more easily than soft ones.

Basic Slicing Method

1. First, cut off the ends.
2. Next, cut it in half.
3. Then cut in half again to form two quarters.

As you can see in this photo, it is divided into three parts.
You can use both the skin which is rich in flavor and the cake, which is also quite delicious.
If you’d like to use the end, please remove the stem before consuming.

Slicing Method One: Thick Sliced, Gingko Type

After cutting the Maru-Yubeshi using the basic method detailed above, cut each quarter into three triangles.
Cut the pieces as you like.
If it is too hard to cut, heat it to make cutting easier.
This way is suitable for osuimono, a Japanese clear broth.

Slicing Method Two: Thin-sliced, Narrow Type

After cutting the Maru-Yubeshi using the basic method detailed above, continue cutting into small rectangles.
Adjust the thickness however you like.
Again, heat it if it is too hard to slice.
This way is suitable for chawan-mushi, eating with cheese, or salad.

Slicing Method Three: Matchsticks

After following slicing method two, continue to cut it in strips, like matchsticks.
Of course, please heat a little if Maru-Yubeshi is hard.
This way is suitable for ohitashi, aemono and sunomono.

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