Yubeshi is a traditional sweet of Japan.We at Nakauraya are proud of making traditional Yubeshi and maintaining its time-honored methods of production, fragrance and taste.

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Yubeshi Recipe

As an ingredient in Japanese cuisine


Osuimono, a Japanese clear broth

1. Cut Maru-Yubeshi according to slicing method one
2. Next, put the cut pieces of Maru-Yubeshi in a bowl of hot soup that has a tight-fitting lid.
3. Cover the bowl and wait a few minutes.

When you take off the lid, you will smell the yuzu-citrus aroma of Maru-Yubeshi.

*) Please adjust soaking time for desired hardness, but not too long as the Maru-Yubeshi will melt.


Chawan-mushi, an egg custard containing shrimp, chicken and vegetables

1. Cut Maru-Yubeshi into small rectangles, like in slicing method two
2. After steaming up chawan-mushi, please put Maru-Yubeshi on top of the custard, cover the bowl, and then wait a few minutes.

Like osuimono, after you lift the lid, you will enjoy the aroma of softened Maru-Yubeshi.

*) Again, please adjust soaking time for desired hardness, but not too long as the Maru-Yubeshi will melt.
**) Cut the Maru-Yubeshi in thick, gingko leaf-like slices like in cutting method one to save on preparation time without sacrificing flavor or texture.

Ohitashi, Aemono, Sunomono

1. Cut Maru-Yubeshi in small rectangles like in slicing method two, or in matchsticks as in slicing method three.
2. Try Yubeshi with vegetables seasoned with Japanese dressing or with Japanese pickles, sunomono.


So far, we have mentioned some ways to use Maru-Yubeshi in Japanese cuisine, but you can cook and slice it any way you like.
Though we have shared a few recipes using our product, please feel free to create new recipes that bring out the unique flavor Maru-Yubeshi.

As an ingredient in Western cuisine


Garnish cheese with Maru-Yubeshi

This is a very basic, but modern cheese dish.
A pairing with cheese highlights Maru-Yubeshi’s natural sweetness, well contrasted with the delicate flavor of Camembert.
You may also try Maru-Yubeshi with the creamy softness of a fresh cheese like Brillat Savarin, or a strongly salty but slightly sweet cheese like Fourme d’Ambert blue cheese for an exceptional match.



Try a salad with Maru-Yubeshi, here seasoned with extra-virgin olive oil and black pepper.


Here are some dessert recipes using Maru-Yubeshi.
These recipes were created at New York restaurants Le Bernardin and Daniel and debuted in October 2009.

Yuzu Dessert

By Executive Chef Christopher James Muller of Le Bernardin


Shiso leaf and Yuzu Sorbet

By Executive Chef Eddy Francis Leroux of Daniel


Yubeshi Mont Blanc with Marrons Claces

By Executive Chef Eddy Francis Leroux of Daniel


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